What Are Pachislots And Are They Available In The US?

The citizens of the United States of America love to play slots. Ever since some of the states allowed online casinos, many Americans have been actively spinning the reels of the USA legal slots.

The thing with online slots is that they are often pushing the boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and adding new special features. One type of slots that are very popular nowadays is the so-called pachislots. Unfortunately, there are not many instances of pachislots in the US, as online casino players are still not that aware of this popular slot genre in Japan.

What Are They?

So, what exactly are pachislots? It is a simple combination of a popular Japanese gambling game called pachinko and slots (hence the name).

Now, in order to understand pachislots, you need to understand what is pachinko. Essentially, it is a game that one of 10 Japanese people likes to play and is a combination of arcade games and gambling. The rules of pachinko are not that complicated, as all you have to do is make sure that the ball falls into the right socket in order to trigger a jackpot.

Naturally, you have to place bets in order to take a shot at winning a prize. Unlike slots, which are purely based on the element of luck, pachinko also requires players to be somewhat skillful.

Pachinko is simply a mixture of pinball and slot games. Now, many slot developers managed to see the importance of pachinko and started making the so-called pachislots. These immediately caught on in Japan, but western countries never received the idea.

However, that doesn’t mean they will remain ignorant to this super-fun new type of slots. The only difference between ordinary slots and pachislots is that the latter also includes the skill factor. Japanese players also have the ability to stop the reels themselves. So the ones that are very good can get a better chance of winning higher prizes.

If you like exploring new slots, and you live in the US, you don’t actually have to worry about pachislots, as the gaming industry is very open towards improving slots and experimenting with new features. So, it is only a matter of time before some of the online slot development companies decide to make an online pachislot for Americans.

Until then, make sure to visit some of the best online slots casinos and feel free to explore the vast offer of online slots that are available in the US.

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