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Slots At Encore Boston Harbor Having A Tough Time

Posted on March 4, 2020 | Comments Off on Slots At Encore Boston Harbor Having A Tough Time

The casino Encore Boston Harbor is the latest and greatest addition to the Massachusetts gambling industry, and business has been, very predictably, going very well. However, one bad sign has popped up in the market, and it’s an important one.

Slots have always been the cornerstone of any casino. Just walk a gameroom floor, and you’ll know their importance. Unfortunately for Massachusetts casinos, they are finding themselves in a saturated market, and there are just not enough slots players to go around.

There are nearly 3,000 different slot machines inside Encore Boston Harbor. This number is actually down as Encore has been forced to eliminate rows of slots to make room for more profitable table games.

While this may not seem like a problem from the outside looking in, it’s actually very tell-tale and has insiders very worried. Slots bring in millions of dollars in revenue every single month with minimal overhead, and casinos depend on this revenue.

If it is underperforming, so is the casino. Not only is this a problem for Encore, but then they were recently forced to shut their slots due to an operating issue.

A system outage caused the slots at Encore Boston Harbor to fail, leaving hundreds of gamblers without the money they deposited into the Encore slot machines. Obviously, this caused some commotion.

This is the last thing this casino needed right now as the fight for slots players is real. Gaming venue at Encore has begun to drop, leaving insiders wondering if MGM Springfield is beginning to take over.

Casino Revenue in Flux

Ever since the Encore Boston Harbor opened its doors, it has been the most popular casino in the state. It has captured the lion’s share of the Massachusetts gambling market, earning more revenue than any other casino.

However, revenues have taken a slight dip. During January, it was the only casino in the state to have a drop in revenue, earning a stunning $6 million less than the month before.

Surprisingly, MGM Springfield’s revenue took off. Several reports have indicated that the Springfield casino earned $21 million in January, which was up $2 million from December.

To make matters worse for Encore, MGM Springfield has been underperforming over the last few years. Their casino has generated significantly less money than initial projections.

MGM has continued to invest money in the establishment, though, and it appears their investment is paying off.

While the slots at Encore Boston Harbor are back up and running, they definitely can not afford another hiccup like this.

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