US Casino Deposit Methods Other Than Credit Cards

There are many banking options for US citizens nowadays, as shopping has become a thing you do on the web. Instead of going out to shop, many Americans prefer the convenience of doing it from the comfort of their home. Businesses such as Amazon made it super-convenient to quickly make deposits and purchase products over the web.

Luckily, the online casino industry is not trotting behind. In fact, online casinos were always on the forefront of technological innovation — especially if it’s connected to payments. That’s why you don’t have to worry too much about getting your money to your online casino balance.

In fact, apart from using credit cards, you can use several other banking options and play USA legal slots and other popular casino games on the web. Let’s take a look at them.


E-Wallets are very popular nowadays. Services such as PayPal made it very easy to send and receive money on the web, and many online casinos opted to include some e-wallets as a standard deposit and withdrawal method.

The good thing about e-wallets is that they are very fast and secure. As soon as you confirm your transaction, you will be able to see your money in your casino account balance.

On the other hand, e-wallets can often have fees that we wouldn’t describe as high, but they are definitely higher compared to some other payment options.


Cryptocurrencies are still very new, but they are rapidly growing, especially in the online casino industry. Dozens of casinos worldwide are opting to include Bitcoin and other cryptos as a deposit and withdrawal method as cryptos are very quick, convenient, and have low fees.

There’s nothing wrong with cryptos, except for the fact that they are still very volatile. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC when the price is $9,000 and withdraw 3 BTC when their price is down to $3,000, you basically won’t win anything. By that same analogy, you could win even more money. Simply put, it’s another thing you’re willing to gamble.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are slow, expensive, and inconvenient. Many casinos simply don’t use them anymore for making deposits. However, the only thing that many see as the ultimate advantage of this payment option is the enhanced security that comes with it.

When all things are taken into account, credit cards still seem to be the best possible option. Therefore, feel free to check out our list of USA credit card online casinos and select the platform that meets your needs.

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