What Is Wagering Contribution in Online Casinos?

Imagine the following scenario: you join an online casino site and receive the welcome bonus as a new player on your first deposit. You get the bonus, withdraw it to your bank account, and end up with an instant profit. Sounds amazing, right? However, that’s not possible.

When you see that casinos offer 100% (or some other amount) on top of your deposit as a welcome bonus, you’ll indeed receive your bonus. For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll get another $100. Yet, you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus amount until you meet the wagering requirements.

We’ve discussed these requirements several times already, but let’s get over them quickly one more time. Wagering requirements tell you how many times you need to wager your bonus amount to convert it to real money that you can withdraw. For example, if wagering requirements are 10x, and you get a $100 bonus, you’ll have to wager a total of $1,000 first.

That still doesn’t seem too bad — you’ll apply the right strategy on blackjack or baccarat, and, with a bit of luck, you’ll meet the requirements as soon as possible. But casinos don’t allow that either. This leads us to the concept of wagering contribution.

You see, not all games contribute the same to the wagering requirements in USA online casinos. The games with a low house edge, such as roulette, baccarat, or blackjack, usually contribute very little — if anything at all. On the other hand, you’ll find that slots usually contribute 100% to wagering requirements simply because their overall RTP rate is lower compared to other casino games.

So, if the T&C for the bonus state that roulette, for example, only contributes 20%, it means you’ll have to spend 5x more money on roulette to meet the wagering requirements. The best approach is to focus on online slots as they are usually the best type of casino game for meeting the requirements (or any other game that contributes 100%).

If you’re using a Mac device, make sure to check out our collection of USA Mac casinos. All of them offer lucrative bonuses for new players, as well as plenty of promotions for regular customers. We carefully selected these casinos and made sure that their bonuses offer favorable terms. Still, the chances are that some table games still won’t contribute to wagering requirements as much as slots. 

RTP — Payouts in Online Slots Explained

Last time, we discussed volatility in online slots. Although it doesn’t tell you how much money you can win, it definitely tells you how often you’ll receive your prizes and how big they will be. Long story short, the bigger the prizes, the less often they’ll come. However, if volatility isn’t a clear indicator of how much money we can win, what is it?

Most online slots use something called RTP to determine that. RTP stands for Return to Player, and it’s precisely that — it tells you how much money is returned to players. 

Returned from what? 

Well, whenever we play online USA legal slots for real money, we need to place a wager before every spin. The money that we insert into video slots is the same money we receive as prizes, except that we don’t really get all our money back. How so?

Return to Player actually tells us how much slots keep. Think of it as a fee that they charge for playing the game. For some other casino games, this is usually referred to as the house edge, although the term fee describes it more closely.

Here’s a practical example of how it works.

Let’s say that you play an online slot that has an RTP of 95%. For every $100 that players wager, the slot should distribute $95 in prizes. Does that mean that you’re bound to lose when playing online slots?

Technically speaking, if you were to play slots all the time for years, you might notice that you miss approximately 5% of your gambling finances. However, this is an ideal scenario that doesn’t happen very often. Instead, it all comes down to your luck. Many players will invest plenty of money, and one lucky person will win most of it through prizes.

Now, when you combine volatility with RTP, you can get a general idea of what to expect from an online slot. When it comes to volatility, it’s up to you to choose which type you prefer. However, you should always make sure that the RTP is as high as possible, as that’s basically the only indicator that can help you understand the payout.

Make sure to check out our collection of casinos offering real money slots.  All of them feature a wide array of popular titles and have very high RTPs, so feel free to browse through them and pick the one that meets your needs.

Volatility in Online Slots Explained

If you’ve been playing slots for a while, you’ve probably stumbled upon the term volatility. Some online slot reviews usually discuss volatility from time to time, labeling games as low-volatility or high-volatility.

So, what is volatility in online slots? How can it affect your experience? Can it help you create bigger wins?

First of all, you shouldn’t mix volatility with payout percentage. Payout percentage (also known as Return to Player or just RTP) is the only indicator of how much money you can win when you play slots.

However, slots are random, meaning some people will win a prize, and others won’t. So, where does volatility fit in?

Essentially, volatility determines how often you’ll get rewarded and how big the prizes will be.

A low volatility slot means that you’ll win prizes very often. You’ll win some prize on almost every spin if the volatility is low. However, these awards are very small. In other words, you’ll not take big risks when playing a low-volatility slot.

That said, a high volatility slot brings higher risks. The prizes don’t come as often, meaning you’ll have to spin a lot before a prize appears (but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a combo very soon). In other words, you’re willing to take bigger risks, but the reward is also bigger.

The number of high and low volatility slots is almost equal. In fact, slot providers don’t look at it as a black-and-white structure anymore. Nowadays, slots can have low, low/medium, medium, medium/high, and high volatility. It’s more of a scale.

This is also applied to all USA legal slots.  

But which type of volatility is right for you?

Essentially, there’s no way to tell, as people have different preferences when it comes to volatility. Some like to play it safe, while others like to take a risk. It’s up to you to try as many slots as possible and find which type works best and is most entertaining to you.

If you’re new to the world of online slots, we suggest you start with medium-volatility games and then compare them to low and high volatility titles.

Check out our collection of casinos offering online slot machines for real money.  Each of these sites offers hundreds of online video slots, and they all have different volatility. Feel free to explore them and start taking volatility into account when spinning the reels. However, don’t forget about other features of slots, such as RTP, pay lines, grid structures, and more, as they all affect the gameplay and your overall experience. 

Slot Madness VIP Club — What Can You Get as a Member?

If you like playing online slots, then Slot Madness is the perfect platform for you. We already covered some of its bonuses and promotions for the new and regular customers, but we’ll focus on something completely else this time — the VIP club.

Slot Madness has prepared some great prizes for its most active members, and if you’re interested in joining the VIP club, make sure to read this section carefully to learn more about it.

First of all, we have to say that entering the VIP club isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Nevertheless, if you’re a high roller, this could be particularly interesting to you.

VIP Club at Slot Madness

The VIP club features five levels. To enter the Casino VIP Level 1, you’ll have to collect a total of 3,000 Loyalty Points. You’ll get 1 LP for every $10 you wager on USA legal slots and other available games on the site.

Once you become Level 1, you’ll have an opportunity to receive special VIP bonuses and promotions every month.

To get to Level 2, you’ll have to earn a total of 15,000 Loyalty Points. However, you’ll now receive 1 LP for every $7.50 you wager. When you reach this level, you’ll get $500 free monthly match play and plenty of other special VIP-only bonuses and promos every month.

You’ll need a total of 100,000 LP to reach Level 3. From now on, you’ll earn 1 LP every time you wager $5. Level 3 members will receive up to $250 free monthly match play, $50,000 Casino Balance Insurance, and special monthly VIP-only bonuses.

Level 4 is reached once you have 650,000 Loyalty Points. Every month, you’ll get $1,200 free monthly match play, $250,000 Casino Insurance Balance, and plenty of VIP bonuses and promotions on a monthly basis.

The last tier you can reach is Casino VIP Level 5, and you need 6,500,000 LP to get there. However, you’ll have to pay $2 for every 1 LP.

Level 5 players get 5,000 free monthly match play, $1,250,000 Casino Balance Insurance, and special bonuses and promos every month. Most importantly, they get exotic gifts and trips that are provided to them by their personal Slot Madness valet.

If you’re interested in learning more about Slot Madness or other similar casinos, make sure to check out our online casino reviews.

Free Spins Bonuses — T&C’s You Should Pay Attention To

Online casinos often award free spins to new and regular players who enjoy playing slots. Free spins are great to play games a little longer and get a chance to win some more money.

However, like every other bonus in online casinos, free spins are subject to terms and conditions (T&C’s). In other words, there are rules that you need to follow if you want to get the most out of this type of bonus. Here’s what you need to pay attention to when taking advantage of online bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements tell you how many times you need to play through your free spins winnings before you can withdraw them. For example, if you win $10 after spending your free spins and wagering requirements are set to 10x, you’ll have to wager $100 first to withdraw the $10 from free spins.

Therefore, make sure to examine the wagering requirements for bonuses that offer free spins for USA legal slots.

Expiry Dates

All bonuses have expiry dates, meaning you need to use them within the stated timeframe. For example, if free spins expire after a week, then you better use them right away, or they’ll become void after that.

This way, online casinos urge players to be active, as that’s one of the ways they become loyal customers.

Maximum Cashout

Imagine winning $10,000 with a free spin. That would be quite great, right? Well, casinos have thought about that too, and that’s why many of them capped how much you can win. For example, if you win $1,000, and the upper cap is $100, the casino will confiscate the remaining $900. In other words, you’ll not be able to earn more than $100.

Eligible Games

Sometimes, online casinos tell you which games you’re allowed to play when using free spins. In most cases, that’s just one or several games. Therefore, if you want to play slots other than the ones listed as eligible, you’ll have to use your real money. The good news is that your winnings are not capped if your play with real money — all you win goes to your balance.

If you’re interested in playing casino games, make sure to check out our list of casinos offering the best instant play slots. All of them feature welcome bonuses for new users, so make sure to examine them and select the one that you like the most. Please pay attention to T&Cs for every bonus that these casinos offer to learn more about them.

How to Play Online Slots on Your Mobile Device

The rise of smartphones meant that many online businesses (and even entire industries) had to adapt to these small portable computers. They have become so powerful that we can now play some of the latest games on them. Their computing power is slowly approaching to that of PCs and laptops, and it’s only a matter of time when smartphones would become as powerful.

Therefore, the online casino industry decided to shift its focus and make mobile players No. 1. That resulted in them adapting their online platforms for players who like to enjoy casinos on the go.

If you want to play USA legal slots on your mobile device, check out this simple guide.

Find the Suitable Online Casino

First, find an online casino that you can access on your phone. Some of them have dedicated apps for Android or iOS (sometimes for both). Still, the majority is available just by loading them in your mobile browser.

Select the casino that meets your needs and works well on your phone.

Open an Account

Find the Register or Sign Up button, usually big and stands out from the rest of the site so you cannot miss it. Once you click there, you’ll be required to fill out a form and confirm your account. You’ll have to enter the usual stuff: email, password, username, and more.

Make a Deposit

Once you verify your account, you’ll be able to access mobile casino games for free. However, if you want to play with real money, you’ll have to use one of the accepted payment methods and make a deposit.

Just go to the Cashier page, enter the amount you wish to deposit, and use one of the accepted options to make the transaction.

Most deposit options are instant, so your money should become available in your online casino balance in no time.


Use your real money to play games using your mobile device. In most cases, all desktop games will also be available for playing on the go, so feel free to select the ones you like and enjoy.

To sum up, we wanted to save you the trouble of searching for good online casinos for mobile devices. Therefore, we made an ultimate list of platforms that offer mobile slots, so feel free to examine it and select the casino you like. All of them are available via mobile browsers for both Android and iOS devices.

Top 3 Payment Methods for Playing Real Money Slots

There are hundreds — if not thousands — of online video slots available to American players. While most of them offer free play, the real fun starts once you make a real-money bet. To do that, you must first make a deposit to the online casino of your choice.

Now, every online casino has a unique list of payment methods they accept. However, the following three payment options are the most popular in the U.S. and accepted in many American casinos, so let’s check them out.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a very popular option, as they are both fast and reliable. Moreover, they don’t charge huge fees and offer decent deposit and withdrawal limits. The most important thing is that most U.S. players already have a credit card, and connecting one to an online casino is super-easy. The most popular options are Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

However, sometimes it’s difficult to make cards work both ways. Although they are convenient for deposits, players might not find as many casinos that offer credit card withdrawals.


Cryptocurrencies are the newest of all three options and the most ambitious as well, as they offer safe, secure, fast, and reliable peer-to-peer transactions. Moreover, when making a crypto transaction, you don’t have to worry about your identity as all transactions are anonymous.

The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that they offer high deposit and withdrawal limits — much higher than any other payment method. Therefore, you’ll often see that you can deposit tens of thousands of dollars using Bitcoin and other popular cryptos.

The only downside is that they aren’t available in all USA legal slots casinos, even though many are working on allowing this payment method.


E-wallets are also very popular as they are fast and reliable. They are also accepted on many online gambling platforms, even though many aren’t available due to the U.S. legislative framework due to the legislative piece known as the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006). Still, if you can use an e-wallet, you will likely have a great experience with deposits and withdrawals.

If you want to learn more about casinos and the payment methods they accept, make sure to check out our online casino banking page, where we discuss various possibilities for making deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, make sure to read our casino reviews and select the one that offers the banking options you like the most.

European vs. American Roulette: What’s The Difference?

In the world of online casinos, many games are experimented with, including table games. Nowadays, there are all kinds of blackjack and baccarat variations. However, roulette isn’t the subject of experimentation that much. Simply put, there isn’t enough room to come up with new rules and bets, as there are plenty of bets already.

Of course, online casino game providers do experiment from time to time, making games more innovative and immersive. Still, these are mostly classic roulette games, with the majority of the rules being the same.

However, if we could categorize roulette, there would be only two varieties — American roulette and European roulette.

American vs. European Roulette

The only difference between the two is in the number of pockets. American roulette comes with two zero pockets, with one marked 0 and the other one 00. On the other hand, the European roulette has just one zero pocket. Pockets that have zeros are painted in a different color (usually green). You can find both types of roulette in all popular USA online casinos.

There’s a third type of roulette, usually labeled “French Roulette,” which is basically the same as the European one but comes with two distinct rules – en prison and la partage.

Which Type of Roulette is Best for You?

If you look at the numbers, the European (and French) version offers a better house edge. The edge for American roulette is 5.26%, whereas that’s 2.7% in its European counterpart.

Simply put, the odds of winning are 1 in 38 in American roulette and 1 in 37 in European, as the American comes with one additional pocket.

On the other hand, the payout stays the same, which is 35 to 1. When you convert all of this information to percentages, you get the house edge that we stated above, meaning that it’s better to play European roulette.

However, this should only matter if your goal is to play roulette for a long time, as the house edge only matters in the long run. Playing the game from time to time will not impact your overall experience, regardless of the type of roulette you choose. Simply put, roulette is a game of chance, so the element of luck is the only factor to decide whether you’ll win or lose.

We’ve made a list of several great online roulette casinos for US players, so feel free to check them out and select the one that meets your needs. All of the casinos on the list offer both American and European roulette.