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Aladdin’s Gold Casino Offers 200% Welcome Bonus

October 6, 2019Category :GeneralOff

The Aladdin’s Gold Casino offers not one but two great welcome bonuses for all new players who decide to join the platform and start their online casino journey. You can play some of the most popular USA legal slots in this casino using the bonus money that it offers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the two bonuses.

The first bonus offers a 200 percent match on seven deposits for seven days. In other words, as soon as you open an account and make a deposit, you will receive bonus money. For example, if you deposit $100, you will get an additional $200, which you can use to play online video slots, keno, and scratch cards.

Therefore, in order to make the most out of this offer, you should deposit every day for the first week upon your registration as the bonus is available only for the first seven days. In other words, the bonus is redeemable seven times!

On top of that, you can contact the promotions staff and receive a $75 Free Chip Bonus, which you can also use to play slots, keno, and scratch cards.

The bonus comes with wagering requirements of 30x, and the Free Chip promo has 50x wagering requirements.

Second Bonus

The second welcome bonus is for players who want to use the money on games other than slots, keno, and scratch cards. It is a 100 percent bonus, which also lasts for seven days and is redeemable seven times.

This bonus also comes with a Free Chip, which you can claim if you contact the casino, and the wagering requirements are pretty much the same. The only games you cannot play with this bonus are baccarat, craps, roulette, and sic bo.

Finally, you need to take into account that both of these bonuses are offered exclusively for people who use either Mastercard or Bitcoin as their deposit methods. If you prefer using other payment methods, make sure to check out other promotions that are available on Aladdin’s Gold casino.

Aladdin’s Gold is an outstanding platform for all people who like playing real money slots, but it is definitely not the only one. There are other similar sites that have lucrative welcome bonuses, which you can use to explore their offer of casino games.

Make sure to check out sites such as Lucky Red Casino, Slot Madness, and Planet 7 Casino. All of these platforms offer great slots and even better promos for new players.

Why Are Deposits Instant and Withdrawals Aren’t?

September 25, 2019Category :Banking| GeneralOff

In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of USA legal slots casinos follow pretty much the same pattern when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. No matter which method you choose for depositing money, you will only have to wait a couple of minutes before your money is processed and becomes available in your casino account. The opposite is not true, however, as withdrawals usually take more time to process.

Generally speaking, casinos need approximately 24 to 48 hours to process your withdrawal requests. Some do it in a shorter time (very few), and some casinos even need up to four days to process payments.

They simply need more time to review every request. Winning money via games of chance is regulated, and casinos need to do the paperwork every time you make a request to withdraw money. This sometimes takes time, as they need to review your request and make it legal. That’s mainly why you need to wait a day or two before your money becomes available.

Not all deposit methods are instant, however. If you opt for a good old bank transfer, you will have to wait a couple of days both for deposits and withdrawals, as direct transfers usually take more time to process.

On the other hand, if you want to minimize the waiting time and avoid paying high transaction fees, you definitely need to go with options such as credit cards, ewallets, or even bitcoin if you are into cryptocurrency. These payment options are quick, reliable, and secure.

Probably A Good Thing

When you think of it, it’s actually a good thing that most of the deposit methods are instant, since players don’t feel like waiting when they want to play online casino games, especially online video slots.

On the other hand, if you were lucky and you won some money, you wouldn’t mind waiting a day or two for the payment to be processed. Imagine if it was the other way around, and you had to wait for your deposits for 48 hours or more. That wouldn’t be pleasant, and you would probably look for another casino at that point.

Online casino banking must be highly regulated in order to avoid any kind of money laundering or any other type of illegal behavior. Regulations sometimes take time, especially when you want to withdraw money.

There are people out there who want to use online casinos as a tool to launder their money, but that’s minimized, as casinos do their best to prevent such things from happening in the first place.

What Are Pachislots And Are They Available In The US?

September 11, 2019Category :GeneralOff

The citizens of the United States of America love to play slots. Ever since some of the states allowed online casinos, many Americans have been actively spinning the reels of the USA legal slots.

The thing with online slots is that they are often pushing the boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and adding new special features. One type of slots that are very popular nowadays is the so-called pachislots. Unfortunately, there are not many instances of pachislots in the US, as online casino players are still not that aware of this popular slot genre in Japan.

What Are They?

So, what exactly are pachislots? It is a simple combination of a popular Japanese gambling game called pachinko and slots (hence the name).

Now, in order to understand pachislots, you need to understand what is pachinko. Essentially, it is a game that one of 10 Japanese people likes to play and is a combination of arcade games and gambling. The rules of pachinko are not that complicated, as all you have to do is make sure that the ball falls into the right socket in order to trigger a jackpot.

Naturally, you have to place bets in order to take a shot at winning a prize. Unlike slots, which are purely based on the element of luck, pachinko also requires players to be somewhat skillful.

Pachinko is simply a mixture of pinball and slot games. Now, many slot developers managed to see the importance of pachinko and started making the so-called pachislots. These immediately caught on in Japan, but western countries never received the idea.

However, that doesn’t mean they will remain ignorant to this super-fun new type of slots. The only difference between ordinary slots and pachislots is that the latter also includes the skill factor. Japanese players also have the ability to stop the reels themselves. So the ones that are very good can get a better chance of winning higher prizes.

If you like exploring new slots, and you live in the US, you don’t actually have to worry about pachislots, as the gaming industry is very open towards improving slots and experimenting with new features. So, it is only a matter of time before some of the online slot development companies decide to make an online pachislot for Americans.

Until then, make sure to visit some of the best online slots casinos and feel free to explore the vast offer of online slots that are available in the US.

Lucky Red’s Friday Bonus — 77% Slot Bonus

September 8, 2019Category :GeneralOff

Both Lucky Red Casino and Aladdin’s Gold Casino are great online casino platforms that offer USA legal slots. What makes them similar is that they are basically sister sites and offer similar bonuses. Both sites have these “every day of the week” promotions. In other words, whenever you deposit and use an appropriate coupon code for that day, you will get some kind of bonus.

This time, we will take a look at a bonus on Lucky Red Casino that you can get if you make a deposit on a Friday. It is a promo exclusively made for online slot players who will be able to enhance their online slot experience.

Essentially, this bonus will grant 77 percent more money for a deposit on a Friday. In other words, if you make a deposit of $100, you will receive an additional $77 that you can use to play online video slots on this platform. In addition to slots, you will also be able to use the money for keno and scratchcards.

Terms and Conditions

The bonus comes with some terms and conditions. First of all, you should take into account that there is no maximum cashout on this promo, which is a great thing! Moreover, wagering requirements are 25x. It means that you will have to wager your money 25x times the bonus amount before bonus money becomes available for withdrawal.

If you want to explore additional bonuses on this platform, make sure to start with the welcome bonus. This is one of the best welcome promos for people in the US as it offers 400 percent up to $4,000 on your first deposit. In other words, if you deposit $100, you will get $400 of bonus money.

In order to receive the maximum possible bonus amount, you need to deposit $1,000. There is one important thing that you should know about this bonus, though — it is available only to those who deposit using Mastercard or Bitcoin. So make sure to obtain one of the two payment methods in order to get the most out of Lucky Red Casino.

There are many great online slots casinos for players that live in the US, and all of them offer cool bonuses and slots promos that you can use to get more free spins. Make sure to check out Aladdin’s Gold Casino, Slot Madness, and Planet 7 casinos as they also have great selections of online slots from the best online casino game providers in the US.

What Will Slots Look Like in the Future?

August 28, 2019Category :Slot MachinesOff

If you are reading this text, the chances are that you are an avid slot spinner who wants to spend some time reading about this type of entertainment. Playing slots has been popular for more than a century now, and the entire gambling industry has always been on the technological forefront, upgrading their offers and improving the ways we play these games.

Players from the US who enjoy USA legal slots can nowadays access these games via various online casinos. In fact, there are some really special titles which can award the luckiest among us with millions of dollars!

In other words, slots have never been more popular, and their popularity is still rising. Nowadays, one slot game can be played by millions of online users at the same time, and that is definitely not possible in land-based casinos.

Technology Advances

Knowing that slots are always using the latest technological advancements to upgrade their offer, we couldn’t help but wonder what are possible scenarios for the game in the future.

The first thing that is definitely going to get popular among slot lovers is VR. Virtual Reality is already available, and there are a couple of titles that you could play using VR goggles.

However, they still need to be improved, as well as the entire underlying technology. In a year or two, online casinos will start offering dedicated apps for VR players, who will be able to enjoy slots as if they were a part of them.

The next thing that could happen to slots is that they could become holograms. Casinos will probably offer real-life 3D holographic images of popular slots, and they are going to look amazing. How come nobody’s thought of this before?

Game Changes

Slots of the future are going to be changed gameplay-wise. Many slot developers already make games that are more immersive than ever, allowing players to take part in the game and make decisions that could affect the game instead of just spinning the reels. This trend could prevail in the future, and we could witness many more gameplay options from top slot developers.

Nevertheless, online slots remain the most popular way to play this game, and it seems that things will remain as such for quite a while. In order to play some of the best slots, you need to find online slots casinos that offer good titles from popular developers. Once you register on a platform and make a deposit, you could explore the titles and find the ones that you like the most.

What Makes an Online Video Slot Good?

August 15, 2019Category :Slot MachinesOff

What makes an online video slot good? It is one of the most difficult questions to answer, and online slot developers have been trying out various formulas in order to make the best slot ever.

If you like playing USA legal slots, you probably wanted to find a title that you will stick to for a very long time. You either succeeded, or you didn’t — regardless of your success, it’s always worth knowing what to look for when playing online slots

Wanting To Win

The first response that many online slot lovers would say is that a good slot has a great RTP. Naturally, we all want to profit from playing slots and let luck do its trick. However, this aspect alone cannot be crucial when it comes to choosing a slot. After all, some of the best online video slots are not half as rewarding as some less popular slots.

The other thing that many think is the most important is gameplay. When you spin the reels, you need to enjoy every moment of it and be engaged in the game by getting various special features, special symbols and more.

This is definitely an important aspect that everyone should take into consideration when choosing an online slot to play. However, the gameplay alone is not crucial. In fact, there are some very simple slots out there, that do not have great features and options, yet they are very popular among slot lovers.

Design Element

The third option that many people pay attention to is the design. We partly agree that the looks are something that will gain the attention of people who browse slots. Therefore, it is important to make the background as well as symbols on the reels captivating.

In addition to graphics, slot creators also pay special attention to animations, which are being continually upgraded in the world of slot developers. Graphics and animation alone are important but also not essential for making a great online video slot. In fact, there are some really simple-looking slots out there that are doing pretty well.

So what exactly is the most important thing to look for? The answer is — a combination of all things. However, it all comes down to personal taste in the end. Some players may prefer simple slots; others might opt for more complicated. It is up to you to see what really captures your attention.

Make sure to check out platforms that offer real money slots, and browse through them in order to discover your personal preferences.

400% Welcome Bonus on Slot Madness

August 11, 2019Category :FeaturesOff

400% Welcome Bonus on Slot Madness
Description: Let’s take a look at a lucrative welcome bonus offered by a great online platform for casino games called Slot Madness.

Some people like playing slots occasionally, others are mad about them and always love playing new ones. No matter which group of people you belong to, you are going to love the online casino platform called Slot Madness as it offers some of the best video slots on the web.

All USA legal slots are located on this great platform, meaning that you can have a great time if you are from the States. All you have to do is register and connect your deposit method in order to make an initial deposit.

In order to attract more players, the staff of this casino decided to take things one step further and offer one of the most lucrative welcome bonuses on the web. It is a 400% welcome bonus for all new players.

What does that actually mean? Basically, when you deposit, for example, $100 for the first time, you will get $400 in bonuses which you can use to play games on this casino. Naturally, this is considered bonus money, and you cannot withdraw it until you fulfill some terms.

Many online casinos have wagering requirements that you need to meet in order to transfer your bonus money to your real money account. The wagering requirements for table games and video poker at Slot Madness is 80x. However, it is 30x for all other games.

Some other things that you need to know about this bonus are that the minimum amount you need to deposit in order to trigger the bonus is $30. However, the maximum amount of money is $1,000 that you can deposit. In other words, the amount of bonus money you can receive in the welcome bonus is set at $4,000. This is extremely generous from this casino, although the wagering requirements for non-slot games are pretty high. On the other hand, the requirements are pretty decent for online slots.

Also, the site has a couple of additional promotions for existing players. In other words, as soon as your welcome bonus is completed, you can check out various other promos and get more bonus money to enhance your online slot experience.

If you like playing casino games, you might enjoy some other platforms as well. All of them offer hefty welcome bonuses for new players, so make sure to read more about online slots casinos and get familiar with sites such as Aladdin’s Gold Casino, Lucky Red Casino, and others.

Haunted Hotel – NuWorks Video Slot Review

July 31, 2019Category :Slot MachinesOff

Although Halloween is still not near, spooky stories are always interesting to experience, and such story is present in an online slot created by NuWorks Gaming. It features suspense music, dark background, eerie objects, and dark mysteries hidden in a haunted hotel located in the background. You are a brave traveler who decided to stay the night in this hotel, weary from the road. However, as soon as you step into this grim place, you are confronted with a myriad of mysterious experiences. It’s up to you to spin the reels and turn them into prizes!

This slot is definitely something you should try if you like the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton, and other gothic/horror artists who made our lives interesting with their works. Apart from being scary, the game also has a funny/cartoonish design, just like Burton’s movie. You can find the game at some of the best USA legal slots casinos.

The game has a standard grid with five reels and three rows, and a plethora of interesting symbols and special features. If you manage to get three scatters which are depicted by the hotel itself, you will trigger one of the three special features.

The first feature is called Bloodsucker Bucks, and it will award you 12 free games with grouped Dracula Wilds appearing randomly on the reels. If you manage to get an additional three scatters, you can extend this feature for 12 more free games.

The second feature is called Very Vamp, and it awards five free games, but the middle reel is made of Dracula Wilds during the entire feature, increasing your chances to win valuable prizes. Once again, if you manage to land three additional scatters during this game, you will get five more spins.

The third bonus is called the Haunted Hotel, and it presents you with five doors. You get to pick one which will give you a symbol from the reels. Next, you are awarded ten free spins, and whenever the symbols you had selected is on the reels, it will be converted to the Dracula Wild symbol. If you get three scatters, you will extend the bonus for ten more free spins.

This game is available at Slot Madness and other popular USA casinos that offer NuWorks video slots. If you want to explore more slots, make sure to check out other casinos that offer real money slots online.