Online Slots for USA Players

Online slots for USA players are a mixed bag. On one hand, the technology for these games has never been better. You’ll find more games with better graphics and sound effects than ever before. On the other hand, ever since the passing of the UIGEA it has been harder for USA residents to get deposits approved to play online slots. Read on for more information regarding the situation for USA online slot players and use our recommendations for the best casinos which offer online slots for USA players. These casinos allow USA players, offer great bonuses, are fully licensed and get USA deposits approved.

Best Casinos and Slots for USA Players

Aladdins Gold Casino

Black Diamond Casino Review

  • The Black Diamond Casino Accepts USA Players
  • Over 140 Different Online Slot Machines
  • 500% Match Bonus up to $5000
  • Black Diamond Casino Review

Lucky Red Casino

Use any of the above casinos which offer online slots for USA players. These are the best USA online casinos which offer real money slots. Sign up using any of our links for the best bonuses available and get started playing online slots.

Online Slots Technology

One example of a modern Internet casino offering slots for United States player is the Black Diamond Casino. This casino features over 140 different slot machines to choose from as well as tab;e games (including live dealer games) and video poker machines. Black Diamond is the only USA online casino we know of that uses two different online casino software packages, the Top Game and RIVAL software. This allows them to offer more slots and games than just using one software package.

These games offer state of the art technology, including bold visuals and thrilling sound effects. You can choose to play using the casino’s download, which is the preferred option for most players who have a desktop or laptop computer. But if you’re using a mobile device or just don’t like downloading software, you can also play their “instant play” games, which are played in your browser window and require no download of any sort.

Legal Issues

In many states in the USA, online slots for real money aren’t strictly legal but not illegal as well. Some states have legalized and regulated online casino gambling, but you must be physically present in that state in order to play at their site. As this is being written, only three states have legalized Internet casinos, but more states are expected to follow suit. The three states which have legalized and regulated casinos are Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. New Jersey has set the precedent and we hope more states follow as they too regulate online casino play.

Other states have specific laws forbidding Internet gambling of any kind for real money. Kentucky and Washington are good examples of these. In fact, in the state of Washington, it’s a felony to gamble online. If you live in Kentucky or Washington, unfortunately you will not find any reputable online casinos to play at. While it sounds cheesy, if you want to gamble online and live in these states you should write your senator(s).

Assessing Your Risk Level

The least risky online gambling behavior is the actual playing of the games for real money. No federal law forbids Internet casino gambling, although laws like the Wire Act make it illegal to bet on sports over the Internet. Other laws, like UIGEA, make it illegal to facilitate financial transactions for purposes of online gambling.

Most enforcement action has focused on the financial transactions, although the government has taken action against certain online gambling companies, too. None of these actions have been specifically related to online slots though. The government’s biggest concern seems to be sports betting, but online poker is also a hot button issue for them. And even so, the government has focused on operators, not players. This is a long-standing tradition.

How Likely Is a Player to Win at Online Slots?

Online slot machines, like their land-based cousins, provide the house with an unassailable house edge. In the long run, it’s impossible to win at slot machines unless you own the casino.

But individual gamblers don’t operate for the long run. They’re looking for short term wins. And online slots players are as likely to win as gamblers in a regular casino. In fact, they might even be MORE likely to win.

Since online casinos don’t have to pay for a physical location, they can afford to operate on slimmer margins than land-based casinos. This means they can choose to offer a higher payback percentage on their games and still remain profitable.

This is good news for the player, because it means players are more likely to win.


United States players have never had more options when it comes to Internet slot machine games. In some states, players can even play legal and regulated slots. Risk levels for players are low, but gambling online does entail some risk. One thing for certain, the chances of winning on the Internet are just as good as at a traditional casino, and maybe even better.

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