Do New Slots Have Improved Winning Chances?

Players from the United States who enjoy spinning USA legal slots are sometimes wondering whether new slots are more rewarding compared to older ones. The thing with online slots is that they are just a piece of code and cannot be meddled with in any way. As soon as they are released, their RTP stays the same. What does that mean?

Essentially, it means that new slots are not more rewarding compared to older ones. Once they’re made, they’re made, and there’s nothing that can be changed to make them more rewarding early on. Sure, it’s the first thing slot developers would like to do, as it means that more players would be attracted to their games, creating bigger profit.

However, that’s something that is simply not allowed by regulators and would be considered cheating. After all, why would early players have an advantage over the ones that come late?

Still Not Convinced

However, some slot players believe that it has nothing to do with RTPs and stats and that new slots tend to be more rewarding simply because new players often have this “beginner’s luck” when they start playing any casino game.

However, that’s a bit of a superstitious approach that probably wants to avoid when you play any casino game. After all, the element of luck is still one of the biggest mysteries known (or should we say unknown) to mankind, and things such as the beginner’s luck cannot be reasoned or explained in any way.

So, the only right way to approach playing slots is not to make any assumptions about their “willingness” to reward you. It’s all about your personal luck.

But new slots do get more rewarding in one way! Namely, as the online casino industry is skyrocketing, so is the competition between companies that make online slots. That’s why they all want to win in the race, and one of the ways is to improve the overall Return to Player score and attract more players.

Therefore, you should definitely always check the RTP of every online slot you decide to play, but don’t fall for the trap that it will be more rewarding only because it is fresh. That’s simply not how online slots work at all.

Another popular way to improve your chances is simply to claim an online slots bonus and have a slight advantage with a couple of free spins that these bonuses award.

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